My sister is one of those people who loves an adventure. She is never sitting in one place for too long and she has lived all over the United States. She has asked me to move in with her a few times, but I think that I am just fine where I am. Right now, she is living in Happy Valley, Oregon and she really loves the place. She raves about it so much that I think she may actually stay there for a while instead of bouncing right along before you know it.

I went to visit her there last month and I was not as enthused about it as she is. While there is nothing wrong with the place, I cannot see myself settling down in a place like this. I am from a large, bustling city and it seems like the lifestyle there would be far too slow for me. This is something that my sister and I have been disagreeing about lately. She thinks that I am at an age where I should be looking to slow down while I am certainly not thinking I am ready for that at this point.

One thing I can say is the weather there is great. It seems like it was the perfect mix of pleasant warmth with a little coolness. I am from New England, so the idea of being someplace that is not frigid for a good part of the year is appealing. Even so, I am not ready to toss away my winter boots and coat. I will have to see if something changes here before I make a move like that. At the rate that things are going for me, I cannot see that happening in the near future.