The concept of serviced apartments are emerging, and syncs well in metros where the hotels are overpriced and booking hotels even on a short-term basis will burn a hole in the pocket. The buy/ rent property for travelers features this type of serviced apartments also whereby the tenants touch base with the owners to initiate a discussion and come to a contract before booking the apartment. Serviced apartments are condos with amenities like a kitchen with a cooking range, microwave, and washing machine and even are fitted with furniture and fixtures.

They even have TV, DVD, WI-FI facilities, and even house help to take care of cooking and other household chores. The property owners can even, contact the HR/Administration department of the companies in the surrounding areas to infuse in them the knowledge of these apartments. But the fact is that even with service apartments in India; the actual number of serviced apartments is fewer than the actual requirement in various counties. Though these are not availed by all and sundry and are certainly designed for the niche customers in the rental segment, many are actually deprived of these apartments because of the lack of knowledge and maybe they are out of reach.

To lease by an owner is easy, effective and simple procedure where the landlord appoints the representative who can act neutrally between tenant and owner, who as well looks after bills proceedings, oversee entire maintenance of a home, and very importantly he needs to see that good relationship & goodwill stays intact between owner and tenant. Or most feasible method is to have direct touch with the owner about the maintenance and repairs, transfer of the names, overdue bills, or other important things. There’re some estate agencies called listing providers that will help you search for the apartments for rent in shortest time frame, the real estate agencies gives vital information hints on different locations, simple accessibility to modes of transport, services of the plumbers, electricians and other important personnel linked to maintenance & repairs fields, most important part played by estate agent is making the final deal between owner and hunter, and for which he’s given the commission that is generally some percentage of total amount of a deal, or tenant that has occupied for that is 11 months, 1 year and so, he may charge a rent from both parties.

To get the apartment on the internet is the easiest method of renting and buying the house. Here, you’re totally free from different hassles of buying any property. Online estate companies give a wide variety of choice when you are searching for a house at most affordable and reasonable cost. It’s the wise thing to select rental apartments after knowing whether this suits the quality of person his nature, his lifestyle, habits, and several other things. You should take the house on the internet, to get best for you. Thus, know what type of apartment that you want to rent.